At Acquera Academy, our mission is to educate international talent to become yachting professionals through innovation and quick thinking. 

We lead this transformation by training our students to be not only highly skilled but also deeply attuned to the evolving needs of luxury clients. 

In our work we are attentive to details, to technicalities but also to relationships, to people. So, when we thought of our logo, we did not only want something unidimensional and descriptive nor “just” a pretty sign, but we aspired to have a logo that is familiar, yet elevated; simple yet multidimensional; specific yet inclusive.

Our logo draws inspiration from the timeless Solomon’s Knot, a traditional pattern discovered in ancient graffiti across the enchanting city of Venice and a powerful embodiment of our core values and beliefs. 

Solomon’s knot at Murano Basilica

However, the “Solomon’s Knot” is not confined to Venice alone; it is a symbol that spans the Mediterranean, appearing in African, Amerindian, and Asian cultures. This ancient emblem ranks among the oldest pagan signs, and its universality is a proof of its depth, richness, and multi-dimensionality. 

It symbolizes the intricate web of skills, knowledge, and relationships essential for successful exchanges and personal growth. Reflecting our mission of unity, continuity and infinite connections. 

At its core, the Solomon’s Knot is a dynamic symbol, resembling a virtual spiral signifying progress and constant improvement. It invokes images of the fluidity of the sea’s waves, emphasizing flexibility, softness, and the intricate interweaving of thoughts, cultures and beliefs. 

In essence, the Solomon’s Knot encapsulates the very spirit of Acquera Education’s creed—a commitment to lifelong learning and constant enhancement. Our logo, rich in meaning and history, serves as a visual representation of these principles, reminding us of the profound interconnectedness of knowledge, culture, and progress. 

Our dedication to talent development mirrors the endless loops of the Solomon’s Knot—limitless and full of promise. 

We are seeking individuals ready to embark on a career in yachting operations. Our talent program trains participants, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to deliver world-class service and curate exclusive experiences. 

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