Experience & Luxury Guests Management


The person working in this capacity is responsible for designing and formalising offers of  tailor made events and exclusive experiences for clients, yacht owners and their guests, coordinating also with the internal team.

To be in charge of the development and holdind of these events ensuring proper resources and extremely high quality standards.

He or she must also build a database of Assets/Resources and their contacts, delivering the imagery/visual elements to be used in marketing and also in the proposals to clients.

To coordinate pricing and margins together with the senior management.

Who is qualified

  • Excellent knowledge of the English language
  • Advanced digital literacy and management
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Organizational skills
  • Problem solving and negotiation skills
  • Enjoys teamwork
  • Confidentiality, flexibility, availability and high level of stress tolerance
  • Ambition and drive
  • Preferable background education: Humanities, Languages, Art Managment, Communication, …

Yacht Operations Officer


This technical position is designed to operate all the activities in one’s span of control.

Specifically, it deals with all clearance activities, provisioning, bunkering, transfers.

It provides support in maintaining relationships with suppliers by assessing whether they are suitable and always search for new opportunities/contacts in order to improve the quality of service, business growth and customer satisfaction.

Who is qualified

  • Excellent knowledge of English and Italian a plus.
  • Advanced digital literacy and management
  • Knowledge of some Mediterranean cities and surroundings from the cultural, artistic and food/wine point of view
  • Organized, reliable, a good sense of design and aesthetics, comfortable working with numbers
  • Experience with writing up high quality presentations and commercial offers
  • Problem solving, result oriented, emotional intelligence
  • Confidentiality, flexibility and availability
  • Curious & open- minded


TOT  1 or 2  months



Addressed to

University graduates and candidates selected by Umana



Teaching 240hrs +Umana 8hrs with daily lessons of 6/8 hours (104hrs common course + 136hrs for each of the 2 specific courses)
From Monday to Friday – alternation of theoretical and case studies hands-on applications

Internal managers, professionals and ambassadors/testimonials

International promotion through specific channels; gathering of on-line applications & initial screening; on line/in person interviews for final candidates assessment

Classes of approx. 20 people, for the first common part of the program and 2 classes of 10 people for the specific role training

At mid-course a first evaluation aimed at assessing individual developments will be held. A final evaluation (theory + case studies + My Acquera personal project) will guarantee a permanent position in Acquera.

The project will be fully funded by Italian institutions. The participants will have total coverage of academy attendance and accommodation expenses in Venice or nearby. Transfers and meals will be in charge of the participants.

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