Solomon’s Knot

Inspired by Solomon’s knot, a traditional decorative motif found in ancient graffities around Venice, our logo is rich in meaning and incarnates what we believe in.

A bit of history first. The so called “Solomon knot” is found throughout the Mediterranean, but also in African, Amerindian and Asian cultures. It is one of the oldest pagan signs and it is precisely the variety of contexts in which it appears that makes it universal, rich, multidimensional and penetrable.

It is a dynamic symbol, a virtual spiral that leads to improvement.

It also induces fluidity, the waves of the sea, flexibility, softness, the interlacing of thoughts, cultures, and beliefs.

It represents the link between people, generations, the mind and the heart, but also between the human and the divine. In short, it is a symbol of continuous improvement.

In all this, it embodies the credo of Acquera Education.