Context & Objectives

Acquera is a leading fast growing company in the luxury yachting industry.

The company is organised around 3 poles: Acquera Yachting, Acquera Club and Acquera Education, all sharing the same bold ambition of reinventing the yachting experience for its clients and elevating the yachting professionals through innovation and quick thinking.

As part of Acquera Education, our Talent Program (Academy) aims to open the doors of the yachting world to international talents who are ready to take their future into their own hands.

Ultimately, we  work on developing their ability to deliver high quality services and promote exclusive experiences. Once they successfully complete the course, they are instantly hired and integrated in the Acquera team.

Our Courses

Our professional courses are mainly delivered online but you will also have the opportunity to spend one week in our HQ in Venice. Acquera has 23 offices in 17 countries around the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and The Middle East. The courses revolve around the specific skills needed to navigate in the luxury & yachting multifaceted business.

Discover Our Diploma

You can choose to deepen into the practical principles needed in Yachting Operations and master the dynamics needed in Experience & Luxury Guests Management.

You will explore what are the “luxury codes” today, understand the luxury clients dynamics and their needs, and get a solid knowledge of the most luxurious locations on the sea.

Your professors are experts on their subject. They are still active and practicing. This makes their teaching extremely practical, and anchored in the real world of today.